The members of Spice Twice consist of GADO age 21 and JEY KEY age 18.
Gado is originally Japanese Brazilian born and raised part of his life in Brasil.
Jey key on the otherhand is pure Russian.
The two have had completely different childhoods but have and chase the same dream.
They both are the wildest party animals you have ever met.
They even met each other at one......Now how crazy is that.
Spice twice is what you would call a multi- genru crew. Their sound goes between electrohop to hip hop to R&B.
This is spice twices first blog on blogger so if anyone has some comments or ideas,
feel free.
Party on!!!!

今クラブやイベントで話題沸騰中の2人組エレクトロポップ/ヒップホップユニット、Spice Twice(スパイストゥワイス)。 
ブラジル人の母と日本人の父を持ち、幼少期をブラジルで過ごした元ブレイクダンサーGado(21歳)。そしてロシア人ヒップホップダンサーのJey Key(18歳)。そんな国境を越えた異色の二人が生み出すメロディやリリックは今までのヒップホップやエレクトロにない刺激的なものばかりで誰もを虜にしてきた。



10 de jun de 2010

!!!!!!!!!!!!New Song Coming soon!!!!!!!!!!

Spice Twice
Look At Me
Feat. Joshua & Teddy Wilkins

Respect for Breakway and everybody who its a fan of or work!!
By Gado~~~~

in the picture Spice Twice, Jonstar, Joshua and the two rappers half!

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